SELV Isolating Transformers

Based on Foster’s award winning SURVIVOR™ Inherently Limited Class 2 Control Transformers, our new line of TUV Certified Safety Isolating Transformers are designed to appeal to manufacturers of commercial appliances, vending machines, HVAC equipment, and medical devices as well as other applications that can benefit from the use of a Short Circuit Proof Safety Isolating Transformer providing a SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) output. In addition to being certified to EN61558-1, EN61558-2-6 and EN60335-1, most models are also certified to UL5085-1, UL5085-3, and CSA-C22.2 No. 66.1 and CSA-C22.2 No. 66.3 making them suitable for worldwide application.

The Foster Transformer Company offers a broad selection of standard Class 2 and SELV Safety Isolating Transformers from 5 VA through 100 VA. Our Low Voltage Class 2 Transformer series offer an economical solution with output voltages of 12 V, 24 V, and 24 VCT and capacities of 5 VA, 20 VA, and 50 VA. For more demanding and higher power applications our industry leading SURVIVOR™ and SURVIVOR CT™ series are excellent choices. Our SURVIVOR™ Class 2 transformers are available with output voltages of 24 V or 26.5 V and capacities of 40 VA, 50 VA, 75 VA, and 100 VA. Our SURVIVOR CT™ series add a center tapped output winding to provide 12 V and 24 V connections. All of Foster Transformer Company’s UL and C-UL Recognized Class 2 transformers are classified as Inherently Limited and require no additional external fusing or circuit protection.

Transformers in this series have been tested to comply with the Glow Wire Test Ignition Test (GWIT) for Unattended Appliances. Regardless whether your end equipment is currently subject to the GWIT test requirements as defined by EN60695-2-11, use of one of these transformers provides an extra measure of safety and protection.

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  • UL / C-UL Recognized. UL5085-1 & UL5085-3. UL File: E17029.
  • TUV Certified. EN 61558-1, EN 61558-2-6 and EN 60335-1. Certificate No.: R72150067.
  • Glow-Wire Compliant per EN 60335-1 requirements.
  • UL Recognized Class 130 (B) Insulation System.
  • Breakthrough Short Circuit & Overload Protection.
  • No External Fusing Required.
  • Can Withstand a Direct Short Circuit in Excess of 15 Days!
  • Lowers Warranty Costs, Improves Customer Satisfaction.

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SELV Isolating Transformers
SELV Isolating Transformers
SELV Isolating Transformers
15342460V50/60Hz24V75VA3 9/1642 8/162 9/16 3/16 
15347115/(200)/230V50/60Hz24V75VA3 9/1642 12/162 9/16 3/16 
15348115V50/60Hz24V75VA3 9/1642 8/162 9/16 3/16 
15349200/230V50/60Hz24V75VA3 9/1642 12/162 9/16 3/16 
15349-02220/230/240V50/60Hz26.5V75VA3 9/1642 12/162 9/16 3/16 
15696115V50/60Hz24V100VA2 8/1632 12/162 13/1613/6410/16
15697115/(200)/230V50/60Hz24V100VA2 8/1632 12/162 13/1613/6410/16
15698200/230V50/60Hz24V100VA2 8/1632 12/162 13/1613/6410/16
16025115V50/60Hz26.5V100VA2 8/1632 12/162 13/1613/6410/16
16212115/230V50/60Hz26.5V100VA2 8/1632 12/162 13/1613/6410/16
16562230/(400)/460V50/60Hz24V100VA2 8/1632 12/162 13/1613/6410/16
16563230/(400)/460V50/60Hz26.5V100VA2 8/1632 12/162 13/1613/6410/16
16564400/460V50/60Hz24V100VA2 8/1632 12/162 13/1613/6410/16
16565400/460V50/60Hz26.5V100VA2 8/1632 12/162 13/1613/6410/16
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  1. All part numbers except 16562-16565 are UL Recognized, C-UL Component Certified to UL 5085-1/5085-3 (UL1585) / C.S.A. C22.2, Number 66.1.
  2. All part numbers certified by TÜV Rheinland to EN 61558-1, 61558-2-6 and EN 60335-1.
  3. 200 V tap on models 15347 and 15697, and 400 V tap on models 16562 and 16563, optional. Must be specified at order placement.
  4. Special voltages, mounting, and lead out configurations are available. Consult factory for details.