Low Voltage Class 2 Transformers

Foster’s Low Voltage Class 2 Transformers are a value oriented series targeted for low power applications.

Available VA ratings include 5 VA, 20 VA, and 50 VA. 5 VA and 20 VA sizes are also available as printed circuit board transformers.

All models in this series are UL and C-UL Recognized and feature Class 130 (B) Insulation systems for long life. These transformers are recognized as Class 2 Inherently Limited Devices which means they may be used without additional overload protection. This provides additional savings when compared with General Purpose or Not Inherently Limited Class 2 Devices which must be used in conjunction with a fuse or circuit breaker. 5 VA models are self fusing while the 20 VA and 50 VA models incorporate a one shot thermal fuse to limit temperatures in the event of a short circuit or extended overload condition.

This series is ideal for low power control applications, low voltage lighting, appliance controls, etc.

Designed for use in Appliance, Vending, HVAC, Door Openers, and other applications requiring a Class 2 Control Transformer. Ideally suited for operating low voltage halogen lamps, fan motors, and controls.

  • UL / C-UL Recognized. UL File: E17029
  • All Models, Class 2 Inherently Limited
  • Power Ratings: 5 VA or 20 VA.
  • UL Recognized Class 130 (B) Insulation System.[ Ideal for Low Voltage Lighting Applications.
  • IEC 61558-1, EN 60742, CE Compliant Designs Available.
  • Lead Wires or Quick Connect Tabs Available.
  • Class 130 Insulation Systems for long life.
  • Thermal fuses standard on 20 VA & 50 VA.

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Low Voltage Class 2 Transformers
Low Voltage Class 2 Transformers
Low Voltage Class 2 Transformers
16080115V50/60Hz12V5VA1 5/81 1/31.291 3/160.350.85
16080115/120 V50/60 Hz12V5 VA1 5/81 1/31.291 3/160.350.85
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  1. All part numbers are UL Recognized, C-UL Component Certified to UL 5085-3 (UL 1585) / C.S.A. C22.2, Number 66.1.