Born of an
Entrepreneurial Spirit

What began as a small enterprise operating out of a spare bedroom in the family home grew to become one of the country’s most recognized transformer names. Now in our tenth decade, we continue to uphold Arnot Foster’s vision. Designing and producing the finest transformers for discerning customers around the world. Expertly designed and crafted, you can count on Foster Transformers to ensure your equipment operates safely, efficiently, and for years to come.

Offering Unparalleled Design Expertise and Support

Foster delivers more than quality transformers. We’re with you every step of the way serving as an extension of your Engineering team. Whether it’s helping select from one of thousands of existing UL Listed or Recognized Parts, designing something entirely new, or offering support after the sale, Foster delivers. Learn the questions you need to ask when selecting a transformer supplier.

What challenge can we take off your desk, today?

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Custom Coils

Need a custom coil for an electric brake, electro-magnet, or air coil inductor application? We can help. New production or replacement for an obsolete item.

Foster Transformer Company for Custom and Standard Transformers

We are a manufacturer of all types of transformers for a wide variety of applications including, but not limited to, low voltage lighting, battery charging transformers, appliance and vending transformers, and induction heating and heat sealing transformers.


Low Voltage Transformers

We are one of the world’s most respected low voltage transformers manufacturers, Foster Transformer Company is the perfect choice for custom and standard low voltage transformers.

Battery Charging Transformers

Designed for industrial battery charging applications including electric lifts, tow motors, floor scrubbers, cart pushers, motorized pallet trucks, golf and industrial carts and other equipment employing lead acid storage batteries.

Appliance / Vending Transformers

Our appliance transformers are mainly used for domestic appliances, air conditioners, and related equipment. We can manufacture an appliance transformer to match the voltage requirements of your appliances for efficient operation.

Induction Heating / Heat Sealing

Foster Transformer has been manufacturing transformers for heat sealing applications longer than most of our competitors have been in business.  Count on our expertise to deliver transformers that will last the life your your equipment.