Value Added Assemblies

Sometimes all you need is a transformer, and that’s fine.

The Foster Transformer Company has thousands of standard designs and a custom design is just a phone call or e-mail away. But sometimes you need more. That might be something as simple as an integrated wiring harness, or as complex as a complete box build. Foster can assist in this area as well as making your life easier, and your costs lower. Below are a few examples of the types of value added assemblies the Foster Transformer Company can provide.

Foster can apply a wide variety of industry standard terminals including insulated and non-insulated quick connect tabs and receptacles, AMP® Commercial Mate-N-Lok™, Universal Mate-N-Lok™, Universal Mate-N-Lok II™, and 0.093 Commercial Soft Shell Pin and Socket connectors. We can also apply Molex® Mini-Fit Jr™ terminals offering a simple one click method to connect our transformer to your equipment, reducing labor costs and eliminating connection errors. Additionally, since the terminals are applied automatically as the lead wires are being cut, quality is improved compared with using hand tools or bench presses.

As the transformer is most commonly installed at the power entry point of a piece of equipment, a custom wiring harness on the transformer can sometimes replace a power distribution terminal block by integrating the wiring to operate other line voltage components including motors, fans, relays, contactors, etc.

If there’s no room in your equipment for a transformer, space is limited, or environmental conditions call for extra protection, Foster can assist by providing transformers with integrated overload protection, wiring compartments, NEMA enclosures and fully encapsulated designs with stainless steel enclosures to resist the harshest conditions.

Foster can also provide complete AC or DC power supplies including linear, linear regulated and ferroresonant constant voltage based designs. Below are a few examples of recent designs including an open frame ferroresonant power supply, a custom rack-mounted ferroresonant power supply, an adjustable linear power supply and a portable power supply. Providing a complete power solution helps to lower your costs and simplify the assembly process. Foster’s extensive network of supplier partners allows us to quickly and cost effectively provide complete power solutions freeing up our your resources to concentrate on what you do best.

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