Gas Turbine Ignition Transformers

High voltage ignition transformers for use with stationary gas turbines. Suitable for new designs as well as retrofit applications for turbines manufactured by General Electric, Pratt & Whitney, Allison, Westinghouse and others. Upgraded materials and construction methods used throughout to provide the highest quality, longest lasting ignition transformers on the market. Designed to operate in ambient temperatures up to 275 F, and to withstand the extreme thermal cycling, mechanical vibration, dirt and grime common in these environments.

  • Standard Input Voltage: 115/230 V, 50~400 Hz.
  • Custom Input Voltages & Frequencies available.
  • 8-32 Screw Terminal Line Voltage Connections.
  • Output Voltage: 15,000 V. Power Rating: 0.450 kVA.
  • Industry Std. SAE ARP670 Type 1F Output Connector.
  • Current Limited High Reactance Design.
  • 25 mA Rated Short Circuit Current.
  • Encapsulated in MIL-PRF-23586F, UL 94V0 Silicone Elastomer for maximum protection against humidity, mechanical shock and vibration, thermal cycling stress, dielectric failure and corrosion.
  • Class 180 (H) Insulation for extended life when used in high ambient temperature applications.
  • Stainless Steel Enclosure and High Voltage Connector withstand harsh environments.
Drop-in Replacements available for the Following Gas Turbine Ignition Transformers
K9650105-P01 9711Y4210 K-5808498 BV 86G1202
K9650105-P02 9T11Y4211 K-5808498 BX 86G1203
K9650105-P03 9T11Y4212 K-5808498 CH 9T62Y4019 86G43
K9650105-P04 9T11Y4213 K-5808498 CC 9T62Y4033
K9650105-P05 9T11Y4214 K-5808498 CK 9T62Y4031 9T11A1601
K9650105-P06 9T11Y4215 K-5808498 CR 9T62Y4021 9T11A1600
K9650105-P07 9T11Y4216 K-5808498 CR 9T62Y4023 315A4204P001
K9650105-P08 9T11Y4217 K-5808498 DE 9T62Y4022 9T11A1602
356A3680P001 328A7327P002 261A6248P002