Multi-Voltage Isolation Transformer

Designed specifically for control panel and lighting applications. Foster Model 16531 accepts all common North American Single Phase Voltages and provides an isolated 120 V output at up to 0.625 amperes. Uses include control panels and adapting residential grade 120 V LED drivers for use in commercial installations where 120 V power is not available. Isolated output provides superior protection compared with commonly employed autoformers which do not protect against transients common in commercial and industrial locations. Proven layer wound construction limits voltage gradients within the windings promoting longer service life when compared with bobbin wound transformers. Contact Foster today for additional details, pricing and availability information.

  • Input Voltage: 120/208/240/277/480/600 V, 50/60 Hz.
  • Output Voltage: 120 V, 0.075 kVA, 50/60 Hz.
  • Optional Electrostatic Shield for Safety and Transient Suppression.
  • Evaluated to ANSI/UL 5085 & CSA-C22.2 No. 66.1-06.
  • UL File Number: E19598.
  • UL Recognized, C-UL Component Certified with Class 130 (B) Insulation System.
  • UL Listed, C-UL Certified with Class 180 (H) Insulation System.
  • Multiple Connection Options including Lead Wires, Terminals, and Terminal Blocks.
  • Model Number 16531. Model Number may be followed with “-R” to indicate component construction, and / or a two digit suffix to denote customer specific mounting and termination style.

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Multi-Voltage Isolating Transformers
Multi-Voltage Isolating Transformers
Multi-Voltage Isolating Transformers