SURVIVOR™ Class 2 Transformers

Now available in high energy efficient models.

Foster’s trademark series Class 2 transformers. This series features industry exclusive Inherently Limited Designs in 75 VA and 100 VA ratings. All models from 40 VA through 100 VA are classified as Inherently Limited. In addition, Foster’s SURVIVOR™ series incorporate resettable thermal protectors on the secondary windings to prevent damage from overloading or short circuiting the output. 75 VA and 100 VA models also feature staggered one shot thermal protectors on the primary windings to insure fail safe operation should the resettable protector fail, the transformer be connected to the wrong line voltage, or suffer other catastrophic failure due to a lighting hit or physical damage.

All models are UL and C-UL Recognized to UL 5085-3 (UL 1585) and CSA C22.2 No. 66.1 and feature UL Class 130 (B) Insulation systems for long life. We also offer TUV Certification to EN 61558-1 and EN 61558-2-6 on several of our 75 VA models including a dual primary (115/230 V) design suitable for worldwide use.

This series is suited for higher VA control applications, low voltage lighting, motor control, LED lighting when used with a rectifier, or anywhere limited access would make it difficult to replace a failed transformer, replace a fuse or reset a circuit breaker.

Designed for use in HVAC, Appliance, Vending, Battery Charger and other applications requiring a Class 2 Control Transformer. All Designs are Inherently Limited as defined by UL 1585.

  • UL / C-UL Recognized. UL File: E17029
  • 15347, 15348-50, 15349, 15349-02 TUV Certified. Certificate No.: 72081637
  • UL Recognized Class 130 (B) Insulation System.
  • Breakthrough Short Circuit & Overload Protection.
  • No External Fusing Required.
  • Can Withstand a Direct Short Circuit in Excess of 15 Days!
  • Lowers Warranty Costs, Improves Customer Satisfaction.
  • CE Compliant Designs Available.
Printed Circuit (PC) Mount Class 2 Transformers
Printed Circuit (PC) Mount Class 2 Transformers
Printed Circuit (PC) Mount Class 2 Transformers
16081-PC115/230V50/60Hz12V5VA1 5/81 1/31.291 3/160.350.85
16082-PC200/230V50/60Hz12V5VA1 5/81 1/31.291 3/160.350.85
16083-PC115V50/60Hz12/24V5VA1 5/81 1/31.281 5/160.350.85
16084-PC115/230V50/60Hz12/24V5VA1 5/81 1/31.281 5/160.350.85
16085-PC200/230V50/60Hz12/24V5VA1 5/81 1/31.281 5/160.350.85
16086-PC115V50/60Hz12V20VA2 1/41 7/81.591 7/160.401.00
16087-PC115/230V50/60Hz12V20VA2 1/41 7/81.591 7/160.401.00
16088-PC200/230V50/60Hz12V20VA2 1/41 7/81.591 7/160.401.00
16089-PC115V50/60Hz12/24V20VA2 1/41 7/81.591 7/160.401.00
16090-PC115/230V50/60Hz12/24V20VA2 1/41 7/81.591 7/160.401.00
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  1. All part numbers are UL Recognized, C-UL Component Certified to UL 5085-3 (UL1585) / C.S.A. C22.2, Number 66.1.
  2. Part numbers 15347, 15348-50, 15349, and 15349-02 certified by TÜV Rheinland to EN 61558-1, 61558-2-6 and EN 60335-1.
  3. 200 V tap on models 15347, 16230, and 15697, and 50 Hz capability for model 15342 optional. Must be specified at order placement.
  4. Special voltages, mounting, and lead out configurations are available. Consult factory for details.