Transformers are a very versatile electrical equipment that is needed in several situations. Transformers are important equipment that accompanies several industrial machines. But transformers are not only confined in factories and industries, they can be found in homes as well as they have many domestic uses.

Transformers come in all shapes and sizes and there are many different types of transformers that suit different needs. Transformers can be custom designed by professionals to specifically meet the needs and requirements of the customers or they can be purchased from among the stock.

Buying a transformer can be a little daunting if you do not know what you are looking for, because transformers can come with several different specifications including design, requirements for installation etc.

There are some key features of the transformers that need to be considered before purchasing the transformers. The following are some of the important features:

The Number of Phases Required

Transformers are usually single phase or three-phase transformer, and the number of phases can vary depending on the requirement of the consumers, small houses and apartments usually only require the single phased transformers as they are sufficient for the small household equipments. Factories and industries usually employ three-phase transformers for the heavy equipment.

The Voltage Requirement

The main function of the transformers is to change the voltage of the main power supply to accommodate the requirements. Transformers can be designed to provide different voltages but when choosing the transformer it is also important to consider the voltage of the main power supply. The input voltage of the transformer depends on the main power supply and the output voltage depends on the requirement.

Frequency Requirements

Transformers can be specially designed to also alter the frequency of the voltage supply. This is important when you use equipment made to be used in different country where the main supply has different frequency. For example, the frequency of the main supply voltage is 60 Hz in the US, and most of the machines and equipment designed to be used here are designed to use 60 Hz whereas the machines from the UK would require 50 Hz. So, to use the machines from the UK you might need a transformer.

The kVA Requirement

The kVA is basically the load requirement the transformer is going to fulfill. The type and the size of the load are important factors you need to consider when you are choosing a transformer.

The Location of the Transformers

Before you get a transformer it is important to realize the location and the size of the transformer. Where you plan to place the transformer is important, different types of transformers are suited in different locations, e.g. whether you plan to put the transformer indoor or outdoor, or will the transformer be placed near chemicals or other hazardous substance. Transformers when placed in the outdoor need to be designed to withstand the environmental factors.

The Bottom Line

Whatever your requirement for the transformers, Foster Transformer Company has you covered. They provide the transformers of the highest quality and are capable of providing the best solution for your need.