Foster Transformer Company introduces an expanded line of high voltage ignition transformers for use with stationary gas turbines. Designed to operate in ambient temperatures of up to 275°F, these proven models are suitable for new construction or retrofit applications. Transformers are compatible with turbines manufactured by General Electric, Pratt & Whitney, Allison, Westinghouse, and more.

Upgraded materials and construction withstand extreme thermal cycling, mechanical vibration, dirt and grime common in these applications.

Standard input voltage 115/230 V, 50 – 400 Hz, custom input voltages are available. Output voltage is 15,000 V, 0.450 kVA. Transformers are current limited, high reactance designs with a 25 mA short circuit rating. Industry standard SAE ARP670 Type 1F output connector. Foster can match the mechanical and electrical specifications for the following part numbers: K-9650105-P001 / 9T11Y4210 / K-5808498 BV / 8601202, K-9650105-P002 / 9T11Y4211 / K-5808498 BX / 8601203, K-9650105-P003 / 9T11Y4212 / K-5808498 CH / 9T62Y4019, K-9650105-P004 / 9T11Y4213 / K-5808498 CC / 9T62Y4033, K-9650105-P005 / 9T11Y4214 / K-5808498 CK / 9T62Y4031 / 9T11A1601, K-9650105-P006 / 9T11Y4215 / K-5808498 CR / 9T62Y4021 / 9T11A1600, K-9650105-P007 / 9T11Y4216 / K-5808498 CR / 9T62Y4023, and K-9650105-P008 / 9T11Y4217 / K-5808498 DE / 9T62Y4022. Solicitations for customer ignition transformers / exciters are also welcome.

Each ignition transformer is encapsulated in MIL-PRF-23586F UL 94V0 Silicone Elastomer for maximum protection against shock and vibration, thermal cycling stress, dielectric failure and corrosion. Class 180 (H) insulation is standard and allows extended life when used in high ambient temperature applications. Stainless steel enclosure and high voltage connector withstand harsh environments.

Foster Transformer has been making electronic transformers, power supplies, and electromagnetic components for 75 years. Their corporate headquarters, Engineering Lab and primary manufacturing facility are located in Cincinnati, OH. The ability to manufacture their own tooling, fixtures and unique production machinery, allows Foster to provide quick turnaround, start-up and support low-to mid volume from the Cincinnati plant. Foster has additional manufacturing capacity available in China to support long run, high volume applications. For more information contact Foster Transformer, 3820 Colerain Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45223, (800) 963-9799, or click here.