An autotransformer or autoformer is a special type of transformer that only has one isolated winding to step up or step down the voltage. In case you’re wondering, the “auto” prefix does not refer to any kind of automatic process; rather it denotes the action of the single coil that acts alone.

Autotransformer can be a smart choice for several applications where low voltage is required. Some uses of autotransformers are discussed below.

1. Testing an Electronic Device after Repairs

After an electronic device is repaired, it is best to power up the device slowly to ensure that the replaced parts do not burn up. Often times, if high voltage is supplied without testing, the parts burn out. Using the autotransformer for slowly powering up the repaired device prevents the replaced part from getting damaged again.

2. To Power Up an old amplifier or radio

If you haven’t used an old amplifier or radio for a long time and wish to listen to it now, it is best to power it up slowly. The electrolytic capacitors need to be re-conditioned and that can be done by applying reduced voltage through an autotransformer.

3. Line Voltage Drop Compensation

Long power lines often suffer from voltage drop, especially in applications that draw high current, like spas or hot tubs. An autoformer can be used to compensate for this loss of voltage.

4. Temperature Adjustment in Resistance-type Heater

Temperature of resistance-type heather can be adjusted by varying the AC voltage with an autotransformer.

5. Changing Speed of a Fan

By changing the AC voltage that is being applied to AC motors, their speed can be controlled. So, an autotransformer can be used to change AC voltage and control speed of motors which drive fans.

6. Cutting Styrofoam

Styrofoam and many other kinds of foam are normally cut into shape by a hot wire cutting system. By using an autotransformer, you can control the hot wire’s temperature and adjust it accordingly to meet the desired requirements

7. Unregulated DC Power Supply of High Current

An unregulated DC power supply of high current can be constructed with an autotransformer, filter capacitor and a high current rectifier. However, you should not attempt this if you’re unaware of safety concerns associated with an autotransformer. The autotransformer is connected with AC power which means that AC voltage is accessible directly and there is risk of electric shock.

8. AC Supply Voltage Adjustment

With an autotransformer, AC power supply’s output voltage can be adjusted easily.

9. Roasting Beans for Coffee

To have the best coffee, coffee experts prefer roasting their coffee beans. An autotransformer can be used to adjust the temperature at the ideal level for roasting.

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