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Custom Replacement Coils from Foster Transformer
Posted By:  Herm Harrison
Thursday, June 8, 2017

Did you know that Foster Transformer can repair coils for electrically actuated motor brakes, electromechanical clutches, and lifting magnets? With our extensive inventory of winding equipment, modular tooling, and raw materials, we can efficiently evaluate your situation, give you a fair estimate, and have you back operating as soon as possible saving you valuable time and money.

A typical coil repair process usually consists of 4 steps. First, we inspect the original coil and make note of its specifications. Then, the form is attached to the winding machine and a backing plate is added. Before winding, we wrap a single later of insulation around the plug. NEMA MW 35C copper magnet wire rated at 200 C or copper foil is used for the winding.

After the coil is wound, we cuff it with Dupont Nomex insulation before wrapping it with fiberglass tape. If available, the casting is used to test fit the coil before we add the epoxy resin which binds the wire and seals out moisture. After that, it’s ready to ship out.

If you need a custom coil replacement, contact us today. We’re always eager to help out.

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