Foster Transformer introduces a line of RoHS compliant isolation transformers which are suitable for step-up, step-down and 1:1 voltage applications. An electrostatic shield between the primary and secondary windings enhances safety and provides suppression of transients and electrical noise. When used in a 1:1 voltage configuration, these isolation transformers allow medical equipment manufacturers to use commercial grade printers, computers, and other peripheral devices which would not normally meet the leakage current specs for medical equipment. Their higher efficiency, lower temperature rise, Class 180 Insulation, and layer wound construction allow Foster Isolation Transformers to last longer than comparably rated models. Suitable for use with Medical EN 60601-1 devices, these products are ideal for medical devices/equipment as well as industrial and commercial products including industrial controls, commercial appliances, machine tools, and more.

When used as step down transformers, they allow equipment designed to operate from 120V mains to operate in areas where the voltage is nominally 208 V or 240V including Europe and Asia. When wired for step-up operation, these transformers allow equipment designed for 240V operation to operate from 120V service. Regardless of how they are employed, Foster isolation transformers protect sensitive equipment from transients and noise inherent in many utility power lines.

With power ratings from 0.025 kVA (25VA) to 5.0 kVA, and Class 180 insulation, these transformers are UL Listed and C-UL Certified to UL 5085/CSA 22.2No.66, UL File Number E19598. Input voltages 120/208/240V at 50/60 Hz, with output of 120/208/240V 50/60 Hz.

Foster Transformer has been making electronic transformers, power supplies, and electromagnetic components for 75 years. Their corporate headquarters, Engineering Lab and primary manufacturing facility are located in Cincinnati, OH. The ability to manufacture their own tooling, fixtures and unique production machinery, allows Foster to provide quick turnaround, start-up and support low-to mid volume from the Cincinnati plant. Foster has additional manufacturing capacity available in China to support long run, high volume applications. For more information contact Foster Transformer, 3820 Colerain Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45223, (800) 963-9799, or click here.