Believe it or not Class 2 transformers are around you in every part of your daily life.  This sometimes small piece of equipment creates ease of use in many of your routine activities from how your HVAC runs to how your garage door opens.  But what is their purpose and why are they found controlling power circuits in industries ranging from industrial to medical to consumer?

These low voltage transformers are used to control the voltage that powers Class 2 circuits.  These circuits are found in things like air-conditioning thermostats, garage door openers etc.  For these types of uses, the transformer functions to safeguard the Class 2 circuit from overloading the thermal fuses or failing.  They’re also key in increasing safety for reduced electrical shock hazards, and their low voltage reduces the risk for electrical fire.

The 75VA and 100VA models are also designed to protect the circuits from destruction due to catastrophic events such as lightening striking or other physical damage.

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